You have been granted access to classified information that is vital to national security.  You are charged with safeguarding that information. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines set forth in the NISPOM.

The Center for Development of Security Excellence website provides security education, training and certification for the DoD and Industry.

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This toolkit gives you the resources you need to help you perform your role in Information Security.

This toolkit gives you the resources you need to help you perform your role in Cybersecurity.


The Unofficial Foreign Travel policy is a DOD requirement and applies to all employees who hold a current/active security clearance. If you are planning a trip, please read to learn more about foreign travel requirements.

If your leave (regardless of the length of stay) takes you outside the 50 United States or its territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands) you must submit a request for UFT. This request must be submitted 45 days before your expected travel date. The government reserves the right to deny the request, and it is not responsible or accountable in any way for lost funds or deposits on trips that were not submitted for approval within the specified time frame. Orion Consortium does not bear any responsibility for any UFT related loss.

The UFT request is official in nature and typically can be made on-site. Orion Consortium has no say in the approval process; it must be approved by a Government Official.

As part of any UFT, the government may request that you attend a travel briefing; if they do so then the travel briefing is also a requirement. Failure to comply and attend the briefing may result in your trip being denied. Taking the trip when a UFT has not been approved may result in the revocation of your security clearance which in turn may lead to Administrative Dismissal. Reporting your foreign travel/foreign national association is a career obligation and is not required once you are debriefed from access.

Consider counterintelligence concerns or personal safety risks before traveling to hazardous or hostile areas.

For more information on country specific threats please refer to: United States Department of State Bureau of Political Affairs Washington, DC 20520. Telephone Number: (202) 647-4000. Via the Internet at: