Orion Consortium’s purpose is to support some of the most complex government, defense, and intelligence projects across the globe.

We are a dedicated and talented workforce that first and foremost supports the National Security of the United States.

We bring the expertise needed to understand and service critical missions.

We help to ensure America’s safety.


The Orion Consortium Team works around the clock to ensure that customers receive the critical intelligence and cybersecurity products and services they need to accomplish their missions and to protect the nation.

Orion requires our employees to adhere to stringent rules and the highest standards of behavior.

We strive for impeccable customer satisfaction.

Orion effectively focuses on action and response in a rapidly changing environment, with a strong and knowledgeable team.


Together, with our partners in the service of our country, we strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of national security with integrity, respect and transparency.


Francesca R. Cartwright


Francesca has the credentials to make a success out of any business she works with.   She has 2 undergraduate degrees, one in art and psychology, and the second in Business Administration, as well as Masters Programs in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, and Marketing, and attended Law School. Francesca worked in the private sector for her first 20 years in corporate America. Helping businesses grow gave her the expertise to develop and grow Orion Consortium to where we are today. Orion began in 2000 under Francesca’s guidance. She has been with the government for the last 19 years. Her Facebook profile puts her life in a nutshell: Kids, Dogs, Work and Dance… That’s all there is folks!

Steven Henz

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations Steven is responsible for the day to day management of all current and future contracts, as well as management of current staff, business licenses, and accounts.  Steven has been with Orion Consortium for 12 years. Steven earned his degree in Business Management and Marketing from Lycoming College. Hobbies include boating, fishing and lacrosse.

Jessica Standiford Barragan

Chief Administrative Officer, CSSO

As the Chief Administrative Officer, Jess devises strategies, policies and procedures to ensure Orion's success. Jess is responsible for managing day-to-day operations of HR, Accounting and Data Analysis. Jess specializes in organization, communication and innovation, striving to introduce new ideas and practices. Jess has a bachelors degree from Miami University and a masters degree from National Louis University in Chicago. Other notes of personal interest include fitness, cooking, and gardening, but admits most of her free time is dedicated to her two-year-old daughter, Charli and samoyed, Oshie.

Shelbye Schlange

Director of Workforce Development and Recruitment

As the Director of Workforce Development, Shelbye is responsible for screening, interviewing and placing candidates on all contracts. Shelbye works closely with contract managers and has been with the company since 2013. She also oversees the entire recruitment department and is responsible for seeking new opportunities within Orion’s network. Prior to this position, Shelbye graduated with a bachelors of science degree from the University of New Hampshire. Other notes of personal interest include health and wellness, theater and spending time with her dogs, Vida and Blue!

Tyler Masters

Business Development Consultant

As our Business Development & Talent Acquisition Specialist, Tyler is responsible for sourcing prospective candidates and contracts. He specializes in employee communication & financial negotiations for positions while actively pursuing new contracts for Orion. Tyler has a bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Sciences from Skidmore College with a Business Management concentration. Personal interests include soccer, skiing, surfing, and slothing on the couch for football games.

Scarlett Ellis

Technical Staffing Manager

As the Technical Staffing Manager, Scarlett is responsible for sourcing, screening, and placing candidates for all contracts. She works to build relationships and identify professional talent. Scarlett holds a Bachelor of Science in Game Art from Full Sail University. Before joining Orion, she was a freelance digital artist and has a background in teaching English as foreign language. Her hobbies include spending an abundant amount of time with her Samoyed Cheza, sewing, crafting, and creating digital hand drawn textures for 3D assets.