Orion provides technical support in all areas of our current contracts.  Orion currently has over 55 technicians providing technical support at the level 1, tier 2 and level 3 tiers.  This includes the help desk, IT Local support, Networks Local Support, IT remote support and telephony. 
Orion additionally provides a Program Manager to the Program Management Office managing new building fit-ups lasting anywhere from 4 months to 18 months.  This includes taking a newly constructed building and ensuring all comms are run to the building and within the building. 
Orion provides ticket managing support via the ServiceNow system.  This entails analyzing tickets for thoroughness, contacting customers for additional information if needed, identifying urgency of the issues and assigning tickets to the correct technician.  
Orion provides technicians to the modernization effort of computer systems, network switches and server both physical and virtual.  
Orion provides Account managers who handle incoming account tickets requiring immediate attention. 
Orion provides a Knowledge Management professional who was critical in the standing up of the Know-It system.  This system provides how-to articles and self-help articles to assist users in a clear and concise manner, thereby reducing their need to call a help desk and wait for a technician to contact them to correct the problem.  After one year in use the Know-IT system was able to reduce first call resolutions by as much as 25%.  This insured that the technician’s attention was utilized on issues that truly required administrative rights, reduced the technician’s work load and enabled users to get resolution to common issues quickly. 
  • ITSC operations manager – Performed duties that enhanced and increased the performance and output by some 15% over an 18 month period.  Developed and honed process and procedures to ensure continued improvement and efficiency.  Spearheaded several pilots leading to permanent adoption.
  • Center of Excellence (COE) – Performed script services for remote desktop administration in support of roll-out of all updates to the entire enterprise.  This included upgrades to the Windows Standard Desktop Services (all windows products), patches to the operating systems for both bug fixes and IAVA (Security) updates.  Provided tier 3 support and acted as an escalation point for administrators and engineers.
  • ITSC Trainers – Defined course material for new employees to the ITSC as well as produced and trained ITSC staff on new products/services introduced to the ITSC for the staff’s use.  This included CBT, OJT and hard-copy material.
  • Desktop virtualization – Providing technical assistance in the setup/configuration of Citrix farms.  This includes technicians who are Citrix Certified.
  • Server virtualization – Providing certified VMware specialist who provided the configuration/setup of virtual machines (servers) and the deployment of virtual environments throughout the enterprise.
  • WIFI enabled building – Providing Network engineers and technicians who define the design, install, configure, and test the hardware, along with producing the supporting documentation.
  • Telephony support – Providing outside and inside cable plant engineers and technicians performing everything from basic telephony installation/configuration to SCADA equipment.
  • Database Architecture – Helped to design, develop, test and deploy the first Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment in the agency (Sept/2009) to support the entire ITSC.  This architecture was later used as a model on how to define it for other organizations.  The performance improved the ITSC efficient rating to over 99% while providing both performance enhancements to query response time and availability (zero database un-planned outages).
  • Knowledge Management – Lead effort to develop and standup a knowledge management system with articles written for technical staff as well as Self-Help articles for non-technical computer users.  Lead effort to market the new Knowledge Management user interface.  Developed feedback and suggestion avenues which were then translated into articles for future use.
  • Project Management – Lead various efforts to modernize the enterprise with new or upgraded software and hardware.  Coordinating amongst multiple groups from Networks, to supply to technicians all while minimizing impact to the end user.  Worked with Customer Relations team to ensure customer expectations were set and ultimately met.  Efforts ranged from a few hundred servers to 60,000+ desktops. 
  • EU@ support - We have several techs who work on the front end of EU2.  They work with users profile issues, streaming apps issue, session and connectivity issues and general how to instruction to new customers.
  • Service Desk and Accounts Team - Orion has many System Administrators of all levels working on the Service Desk Teams.  Customer service is one of the strongest features of our employees. 
Loyal Employees – Orion has had many employees who have been with us since almost the beginning of the Groundbreaker program.  They are exceptional employees who are successful and integral members of the teams they are on and are extremely vested in the success of the contract.